The Heart and Soul of Bunga Raya


          Bunga Raya is a family-owned and family-run restaurant. In 2013, Selina Chin and husband Foo Young made their Malaysian debut in Palm Harbor, FL. Led by her sisters, Lee Onesty and Siew Lan, the quartet set out to open a Malaysian restaurant, neatly tucked within the Ridgemoor Commons plaza. The goal was to add an ethnic touch in the community while providing a variety of Malaysian cuisine.

          Lee, who manages the restaurant, has over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Before joining Bunga Raya, she held positions from a server, to a sushi chef, rising up to a general manager. The name, Bunga Raya, was chosen to reflect the diverse culture and cuisines of Malaysia as it is also the national flower.

          On the other hand, Malaysian recipes were created by Siew and Selina, who both lived in Malaysia for over forty years before immigrating to the United States. Their culinary experience and exposure to local flavors has given them the advantage to create classic Malaysian cuisine in America while maintaining authenticity of each cuisine by obtaining ingredients from overseas markets.

          Today, Bunga Raya has served over thousands of customers – all of which have enjoyed their dining experience. While still growing, Bunga Raya will always strive to commit to the core values of which the restaurant was built upon. With that a brief history in mind, we hope you enjoy your experience with us.